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Credit disputes & derogatory marks
Credit disputes & derogatory marks

See a derogatory mark in your credit report?

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A derogatory mark is a negative, long-lasting indication on your credit report(s) that generally means you didn’t pay back a loan as agreed. As long as you make your Fizz payments on time, you should not see any derogatory remarks from us.

Just as we report your on-time payments of Fizz, we will also report missed payments. If you see a derogatory remark that you believe to be a mistake, please get in touch.


How will my Fizz line of credit appear on my credit report?

You will likely see the "Fizz / Lead Bank." Lead Bank is our partner bank.

I have never heard of Fizz but see it on my credit report, what's going on?

If you've never heard of us, it is possible that your identity was stolen to open a line of credit in your name. Please get in touch with us ASAP and we'll work with you to close the account and remove any derogatory marks from your credit score.


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