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Fizz encourages you to pay off your purchases on a daily basis. By turning on daily Autopay, we'll automatically pay off your purchases from your connected bank account on a daily basis. That way, you're starting each day with a $0 balance on your Fizz card and an accurately reflected checking account balance. For example, if you use your card three times in a single day for $15, $10, and $5, your payment for that day will be $30 ($15 + $10 + $5).

Payment Options

Option 1 - Autopay

With daily Autopay, we will automatically debit your bank account once at the end of each day to cover your purchases. We will ensure that you have enough funds in your linked checking account before initiating a payment, and we'll never charge you fees or interest. Daily Autopay is enabled by default, but you can manage your payment preferences by navigating to Settings > Payment Settings. You'll know you have daily Autopay enabled if you see "Autopay is on" on the top of the home feed.

Option 2 - Manual Payments

While we strongly recommend using daily Autopay, you can disable it and make your payments manually. If you don't use Autopay you're more likely to miss a payment, which may lead to your card being locked. You'll know you have Autopay disabled if you see "Autopay if off" on the top of the Home feed. Simply tap the box to make a payment. You'll need to make a payment at least once a month, and you won't be able to spend more than your available to spend balance.

What is SafeFreeze?

When enabled, your card will lock as soon as you miss a daily payment. You can remove SafeFreeze in order to keep spending, but we recommend keeping it enabled to get in the habit of paying off your card daily.

  • With SafeFreeze enabled, new card transactions will be declined if you missed yesterday's daily payment.

  • With SafeFreeze disabled, your card won't lock if you miss a daily payment and new card transactions will not be declined.

  • You can toggle SafeFreeze on and off as you please.


When are payments due?

We encourage all users to make a payment once per day. If you have SafeFreeze enabled, you must make daily payments to keep your card from locking. Daily Autopay can take care of these payments for you.

If you choose to disable daily Autopay and SafeFreeze, you'll need to make a payment at least once per month, between your statement closing date and your statement due date. If you don't pay off your purchases by your statement due date, your card will lock. But remember, if you use daily Autopay or make daily manual payments, you won't need to worry about your statement due date.

Click these links to read more about credit statements or missed payments.

How long does it take for my Fizz payment to process?

We use the ACH network to process our payments, which can take up to two business days. However, payments will be reflected immediately in the app when they’re initiated. If an issue arises, we’ll notify you immediately. You can find more information on each payment right in the app.


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