Is Fizz free?

Fizz has no hidden fees or interest

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There's no charge to use Fizz! It's completely free.

With Fizz, there are no hidden fees or interest rates.

We created Fizz to help you build your credit. Fizz does not charge any hidden fees or interest for using its services - as stated in the Cardholder Agreement.

So how does Fizz make money?

Like most card companies, we make money from interchange fees every time you swipe your card. You might not know it, but when you use your card at any merchant (in-person or online), the card issuer (Mastercard, in our case) takes a small percentage (usually around 2%) of that purchase. Fizz then takes a portion of this fee. This fee is paid entirely by the merchant, so don’t worry - you’re not on the hook for any additional fees. Plus, we value your privacy and don’t sell your data. Read more about how we make money here.


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