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Spend limit

Daily spend limit and available to spend

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What is my spend limit?

Your spend limit is based on the balance of your connected bank account and it will increase and decrease as the balance in your connected account changes. Your recommended spend limit will automatically be adjusted to prevent you from overspending. Your spend limit will never be higher than your credit limit.

What is my credit limit?

Your credit limit is directly determined based on how much money you have in your bank account at the time you apply for Fizz. Currently, we don't offer credit limits above $500. While your spend limit will change as the amount you have in your connected checking account changes, your credit limit does not change. While you do have access to the full remaining amount of your credit limit, the recommended spend limit that we provide varies depending on your daily external account balance and ensures you don't overspend.

What is my available to spend?

Your available to spend is determined by your spend limit, minus any pending purchases and the amount due today. For example:

  • Spend limit: $100

  • Pending purchases: $20

  • Due Today: $10

Your available to spend would be $70 ($100 - $20 - $10)

Can I request an increase of my available to spend or my credit limit?

Your recommended spend limit is merely a reflection of your connected bank account balance. We're unable to take requests to increase your formal credit limit at this time.


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