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Spending & purchases

Understanding your spending, charges, transactions, and purchases

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As you start spending, you'll see all of your transactions appear in the "Home" tab of the app. You will be able to view both pending and cleared transactions.

Pending charges

Pending charges are charges that haven't yet completed because the final amount may change or disappear completely. Pending transactions usually complete within a few days and will only be a part of your Daily Fizz Payment, when they clear.

A common example of when you might see a pending transaction is after going to a restaurant that runs their receipts at the end of the night in order to add the tips written on the receipts. Pending transactions may also disappear entirely. This is usually the case when staying at a hotel that puts a hold on your card. When you check out, the hold goes away.


You shouldn't have to pay for a charge you didn't make, so if you don't recognize a charge, please get in touch with us to dispute it. If you lost your card or believe someone may have had unauthorized access to it, you can also lock your card.

Why was my transaction declined?

There are a few possible reasons:

  1. SafeFreeze is enabled and you missed yesterday's payment.

  2. Your card is locked.

  3. The transaction exceeded your spend limit.

  4. The transaction was flagged for potential fraud. Please get in touch if you think a non-fraudulent transaction has been flagged as fraudulent.


What is the difference between spending and payments?

Spending is exactly that: spending. When you use your Fizz card, you'll owe as much as you spend. Payments are how you cover these purchases. With daily Autopay, payments are made daily so that you don't have to worry about making a payment every day. For example, if you use your card three times in a single day for $15, $10, and $5, your payment for that day will be $30 ($15 + $10 + $5). We strongly recommend turning on Autopay. Otherwise, you can opt to make payments less frequently but at least once per month.

Why don't I see each transaction on my linked checking account?

Fizz totals your purchases for each day and will debit your bank account at the end of following day for the total amount. If you want to see each transaction, you can do so in the Fizz app.


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